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This blog is about adventure racing. Adventure racing is a sport that push athletes to their limits. Athletes compete in a range of different disciplines such as mountain biking, trekking, navigation, paddling, climbing and adventure running.

Alonso Will Win The F1 2013 Championship

Fernando Alonso will win the F1 2013 season championship sbobet currently offers the best odds. You have to look at the people that have been winning races this season as well as winning the poles. Alonso certainly doesn’t do well in every pole, but the truth of the matter is that he can be very competitive in nearly every poll.

Alonso typically does very well in races that take place in Spain. Alonso is one of those guys that will be able to make a lot of mid race adjustments and still be in the front of the pack. The best F1 racers know how to make adjustments to their steering wheel if they know that it is loose.

Lewis Hamilton is a driver that can compete with Alonso because of his efficient approach on the track. Hamilton’s crew can make you think that thy are definitely going to take their time with a given project, but the truth is that they can get things done with speed and they tend to catch other drivers napping.

Lewis Hamilton is someone that will do well in the Marina Bay race. The enthusiasm of the crowd will help a driver like Hamilton as he knows fans will begin to pick sides regarding who they would like to see win the F1 2013 championship. Some people may be hoping for Sebastian Vettel’s good luck to keep going, but as if we saw at the pole in Hungary Hamilton was able to beat him out. You have to be able to gauge that track and have a good idea of what your competitors are going to do if you hope to win an F1 pole.

Most people tend to trust the ownership that is around Fernando Alonso as well. You want to be able to have the financial resources behind you in order to make legal alterations to your car. Alonso has those financial resources behind him.
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2011 Adventure Racing World Series

Race Country Winner
Adidas Terrex UK Adidas Terrex
Huairasinchi Ecuador Thule Adventure Team
APEX – Alpine Expedition Switzerland Silva Gerber
Costa Rica Adventure Race Costa Rica Columbia Spot Vidaraid
Raid The North Extreme Canada
RAID in France France
Gold Rush Mother Lode USA Team Tecnu Extreme
XPD Expedition Race Australia Thule Adventure Team

World Championship Results

Year Country Race World Champion
2001 Switzerland Discovery Channel World Championships Team Nokia Adventure
2004 Canada Raid The North Extreme Nike ACG Balance Bar
2005 New Zealand Southern Traverse Balance Vector
2006 Sweden Explore Sweden Nike PowerBlast
2007 Scotland Wilderness ARC Nike
2008 Brazil Ecomotion Orion Health
2009 Portugal Portugal XPD Helly Hansen Prunesco
2010 Spain Bimbache Extrem Buff Thermocool
2011 Australia XPD Expedition Race Thule Adventure Team